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AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL: FAPE & SEIS: Parent Consent, Notes, Emergency Circumstances

May 16, 2024

3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Virtual Via Zoom

In this series of virtual trainings, Sheri Roberge, ("Ace of SEIS"), SELPA Data Specialist, and John Fischer, ("FAPE Guy"),SELPA Program Specialist, will provide a page by page interactive presentation about writing, effective, legal, and error free IEPs. Typically, one page will be covered during each episode. The content of the trainings matches that of our award winning, full day FAPE & SEIS: Together at Last IEP training, but broken down into a series of one hour trainings, at 3:30, every other Wednesday. In addition, to the content presentation, there will be an open forum q & a at the end of each session. This Episode covers Parent Consent (Signature), Notes, and Emergency Circumstances form.