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Diagnostic Center North(DCN) Dyslexia Academy - Part 2 - Assessment - In Person

August 26, 2024

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

SCOE: 5340 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Intended Audience

  • School psychologists
  • Administrators
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Education specialists
  • Any specialists who would like to gain a fundamental understanding of dyslexia and how it impacts student performance


  • AS039: In-Person (2 hours)

Feifer, Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP), and Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS) oh my! What is orthographic processing anyway? How do I rule out exclusionary factors? This training will support educational teams in using their clinical judgment to make specific learning disability (SLD) dyslexia determinations.

Participants Will

  • Learn the components of phonological processing and orthographic processing
  • Learn formal assessment tools to identify Specific Learning Disability (SLD) dyslexia
  • Learn through case studies how to use their clinical judgment to decide if the student meets psychoeducational criteria for dyslexia
  • Learn how to talk to families and educational stakeholders about a student with a dyslexic profile

A Certificate of Completion is available for virtual trainings, in-person trainings, Special Training Events and Technical Assistance Projects. This may be used to document professional development hours or applied towards the credential requirements for Education Specialist Level II non-university activities.