The SELPA offers a wide variety of information and training for school personnel in developing strategies to support their students with behavioral needs. SELPA Program Specialists consult on a wide variety of topics in this area. There are a number of resources, including behavior planning forms. In addition, the SELPA sponsors professional learning opportunities, both SELPA wide and on a district basis. Please contact the SELPA for further information.



Positive Support when Behavior Impeding Learning

Emergency Interventions


More Resources and Forms

Behavioral Emergency Report Form

Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance Guidelines


Behavior Intervention Plan

The BIP is used when a plan is needed to address a behavior that is interfering with a student's learning or the learning of peers. The plan focuses on teaching replacement behavior(s) that meets the student's need in a more acceptable manner.


Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

To determine why a student is engaging in problematic behavior that interferes with learning, an assessment is conducted. The results of that assessment are reported on this SELPA form. The results of a functional assessment form the basis of a BIP.

Questions about the behavior planning forms should be directed to Suzanne Merideth,, (707) 524-2758.