Cyclical Monitoring for Small LEAs

If you have been selected for Special Education Cyclical Monitoring for Small LEAs in Cycle A 2022 via a Notification Letter, you are required to submit data about your LEA’s policies, practices, and procedures related to special education and report the results to the California Department of Education (CDE).

For monitoring purposes, small LEAs are defined as school districts and charter schools serving 100 or fewer students with disabilities on census day. Small LEAs will not be selected for monitoring based on State Performance Plan Indicators. Instead, these LEAs will be monitored on a cyclical basis every three years:

  • Year 1: Cycle A 2022 selection and monitoring
  • Year 2: Cycle B 2023 selection and monitoring
  • Year 3: Cycle C 2024 selection and monitoring

Selected LEAs must complete three monitoring activities independently with support from the CDE.

  1. Policies and Procedures Review
  2. Educational Benefit Review
  3. Student Record Review


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