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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nikarre Redcoff is a Program Specialist at the Sonoma County SELPA and Charter SELPA. She has over 27 years experience in special education as a non-public school teacher and administrator, public school behaviorist, Full-inclusion specialist, SELPA Program Specialist, and District Special Education administrator. Her areas of expertise include Autism, Multi-tiered System of Supports, school-wide positive behavior supports, and data collection. She is also a cadre member with Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (PENT).

Nikarre Redcoff

Program Specialist
(707) 524-2768
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Assigned Districts:

Santa Rosa City Schools

Sonoma Valley Unified School District

West Sonoma County Union High School District

Windsor Unified School District

John has been with the Sonoma County and Sonoma County Charter SELPAs for 9 years. His areas of focus include IEPs, Transition Planning, Technology, and ADR. He was a High School Special Education teacher, and a High School Adminnistrator for several years before joining the SELPA.

John Fischer

Program Specialist
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Susan Langer is a Program Specialist for the Sonoma County SELPA and Charter SELPA. She has 6 years experience as a general education educator, 15 years experience as a school psychologist, and 6 years experience as a special education administrator ages ranging from preschool to transition. Educational areas of interests include preschool inclusion practices, assessment and intervention best practices for all student populations, transition age work opportunities, and adaptive technology. Susan is voting member of the Childcare Council PC and a long time member of the California Association of School Psychologist.

Susan Langer

Program Specialist
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Claudia Leiva has worked as a Bilingual Independent Child Advocate at Social Advocates for Youth since June 2021.   She has a background in education and has been involved in different capacities with community programs and organizations such as AVANCE, ELI, and First Five Sonoma County.  Claudia’s experience as an educator, trainer, parent support specialist, and early intervention specialist inspires and informs her work with the Spanish-speaking community inside and outside of the classroom.   

Claudia Leiva

Bilingual Independent Child Advocate -
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Suzanne Merideth is a Program Specialist at the Sonoma County SELPA and Charter SELPA. She has over a decade of experience as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) and has almost twenty years of experience working in special education. Her interests include assessment and interventions for students with autism, intellectual disabilities, and behavioral challenges. She has worked with student populations from preschool up to adult programs. Suzanne has been an active member and held leadership positions with the Sonoma County Association of School Psychologists. She is also a cadre member with Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (PENT).

Suzanne Merideth

Program Specialist
(707) 524-2758
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Mike Toby is an Independent Child Advocate (ICA) for Social Advocates for Youth, a role he has served in since
2020. Prior to his role as ICA, he worked for Matrix Parent Network, as well as
served on the board for the Sonoma County Community Advisory Committee. He
is the parent to two wonderful young adults, one of whom has special needs. He
is also a life-long learner and passionate about post-education living/ housing for
individuals with disabilities. He is committed to serving the special needs
community and resolving IEP disputes.

Mike Toby

Independent Child Advocate
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Andrea Wells is a Program Specialist with the Sonoma County SELPA and Charter SELPA. Andrea also oversees the Sonoma SELPA Assistive Technology Center.

Andrea Wells

Program Specialist
(707) 524-2764
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